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Kashan Ameri`s House

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Saham Al-Saltanah House or Ameri  House of  Kashan is one of the most valuable historical residential complexes dating back to the Zandieh era. The house of Ameri is considered as one of the tourist attractions of Kashan, which is located on Alavi Street.

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«نظرتون چیه؟»

1.توی هر فصل چند تا سفر می ری؟

 اصلا نمي رم  بين 1 تا 2 سفر  بين 3 تا 5 سفر  بيشتر از 5 سفر

2.چه تیپ سفرهایی رو بیشتر از همه دوست داری؟

 طبيعتگردي  تاريخ گردي  شهرگردي  ساير

3.با کی بیشتر از همه سفر می ری؟

 خونواده ام  دوستام  تورهاي گردشگري  ساير

4.توی هر فصل به طور متوسط چقدر برای سفر کردن هزینه می کنی؟

 کمتر از 100 هزار تومن  بين 100 تا 200 هزار تومن  بين 200 تا 400 هزار تومن  بيشتر از 400 هزار تومن

5.توی تاریخ گردی کدوم یکی رو بیشتر از همه دوست داری؟

 موزه گردي
 بازديد از عمارت ها و کاخ ها
 بازديد از خونه هاي تاريخي
 بازديد از کليساها و آتشکده ها
 بازديد از قلعه ها و کاروانسراها
 بازديد از پل ها و برج ها
 بازديد از بقيه جاهاي تاريخي

«خیلی ممنون که نظرتون رو به ما گفتین»

The Ameri historic collection of neighborhoods and neighborhoods with an area of 9000 square meters, comprising 85 rooms and 3 houses with 5 central and outer courtyards, with various indoor and indoor spaces, one of The oldest houses in Kashan are considered.

  • تاریخچه

    The date of the Ameri House of Kashan is related to Zandieh era. In 1995, the repair of the outer and inner courtyard was started by the cultural heritage of Kashan. In 2000, a collection of Americans was planted in the project of the Cultural Heritage Organization of the country. It was planned that Became a great tourist attraction
  • ویژگی ها

    The characteristic feature of the Amari building, the vastness of both courtyards and the luxuriousness of the spaces and decorations of this house and the highest wind turbine in the villages of Kashan homes. Historically, the Americas are historically older and more diverse in terms of history and architecture than any other historical palace in Kashan. This historic house has been opened as an unbeatable residence on June 26, 1393.
  • سیمای عمومی

    The architecture of the house of Ameri is done in a garden pit. This led to the flow of water from the aqueducts to all courtyards and dock houses. The presence of tall windbreaks in the house could be more tolerable by the warmth of the hangars, and today the Amari collection is known as Ibrahim Khalil Khan Alawi, in which paintings, mogharnas, tile and gilding are precious and rare. Stuffed and available to art enthusiasts.
    There is also a veranda on the north face, with rooms and halls around it. Different parts of the house enjoy proper internal relations, but each section has a separate way to the entrance and the vestibule and hallway, each of which is of great value. By seeing these sections, the patriarchal period is remembered.
  • سایر اطلاعات

    The house of Ameriyah, located on Alavi Kashan Street, was constructed during the Zandieh period and during the Qajar period it was developed by Saham al-Saltane Ameri-i-Fard's stock and a collection that was maintained by the Cultural Heritage of Kashan using the credits of Note 36. It is used to become a residence of domestic and foreign tourists.

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